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Are you a business owner, who is unsure of technology?  Choose our collective as your friendly digital team who will create your branded business website.

Holistic, Accessible and Empowering.

Welcome to our Collective

Together with you, and as your digital team we create visual language, content and web design that is transformative.

Moving you from Business to Brand.


Jackie Gowran

Coaching and Content

I am an intuitive and experienced business coach, my style and approach is holistic and person centric. I help you unlock your potential in business, aligning you with your strengths, values and vision.

My role with you is to co-create content that is reflecting you and your business. We will go on an in-depth coaching process to declutter your business and clarify your direction and route to your true customer.

When working with you on shaping and strengthening your online presence, together we will explore your purpose, vision, values and from this your brand language will emerge. 

Before we move to creating the content for your website, we review your customer profiles, your services, your pricing and align them with your vision and purpose.

Gathering this information and the invaluable insights that show up during our coaching we then turn our attention to
co-creating content that matches your brand and you.

Each step of this process,  I am help manage deadlines and timelines while also holding space for you and the emotional roller coaster which can present as you engage in this transformational journey. 

Throughout the process we are working closely with the magical Malü and Ruta to seamlessly create a cohesive gorgeous online home for your business.  

malu new

Malü Duque

Brand Design

I’m Malü, the “Latina” of You & Online and I come from Colombia and Argentina to share ways to create from playful exploration. 

I met Ruta in 2020 and Jackie in 2021 and since then we collaborate organically because we are a wonderful team and work well together!

I’m a visual designer by profession but I consider myself a visual communicator with a spiritual approach; my designs and illustrations in each project are the visual translation of the ideas of our clients in such a way that they give life and identity to their projects, knowing that this identity is constantly changing and when they need it they can compost it and/or regenerate it having a fertile soil to do so. 

I give myself to each process with a soft heart, body and mind, accompanied by our guides, asking them to accompany us. 

Every design, brand development and illustration I create is intended to reveal the beauty, love and light that exists in each and every one of us and allow your light be seen in your brand and visual imagery.

ruta image

Rūta Jakutė

Web Development

Hey, I’m Ruta. 

I’m a soft & punchy designer and experiential learning facilitator, living in the forest in Lithuania.

Since 2010, I lived in Dublin where I worked with high-tech technology startups. In 2018 I moved to West Cork. During pandemic, I relocated home to Lithuania, and through online work I met Malu and Jackie.

Clients call me a ‘digital fairy’. Well, I do help people to create something out of nothing, with playfulness and grounding! What I do is not just websites, but prototyping dreams and activating curiosity.

For a moment lets talk all things geeky, my job is to ensure your website will speak to customers and Google robots (SEO-friendly websites), work on all devices (responsive websites), be secure, fast and beautiful. Web lessons included!

I believe that after working with me, you will connect with your creative nature and learn to navigate modern digital world with more confidence. This is it because website is more than a website, it’s a portal to making your dreams a reality. Self-development and a deeper sense of belonging on our planet Earth guaranteed!

Amy Keith

Sales Consultant

Amy has recently transitioned into Motherhood, she spends her time cultivating deep roots with Mother Earth, herself and her child, exploring the connection and expansion being offered and how the learnings can be applied to other settings.

Why work with us?

Why work with us?

We develop gorgeous branded user friendly websites.

We help you become confident and clear in your brand strategy and business development. 

We offer you a complete brand and website development service with a holistic and nervous system informed approach.

We become part of your development team and help you strengthen your own belief in you and manifest your vision with grace.


Are a Business Owner who feels wobbly about online and websites?

Are you unsure where to start or what to ask?


Do You Want to Launch and Grow Online?

Are you committed to bringing your business online?

Is a lack technology confidence holding you back in your business? 


Are You Overwhelmed about Websites?

We have created a special ops team – ‘Your Digital Faeries’.  

We invite you to book a call to meet us, understand how we work and soothe your fears about all things tech and groovy. 


Your online strategy starts here...

We work as a team and have developed a map of how to support you every step of your online development journey.

Our time together is interactive, engaging and often fun with  our unique blend of business, brand and ecommerce developers with a nervous system informed approach.

Learn with ease new digital knowledge and co-create with us your Authentic Branded Website.

Our process

Our journey together starts with a Discovery Call, where you meet us and we meet you, together we scope out your project, timelines and show you our project methodology.

At the end of our meeting we present you with an online map (we use Miro for this)  of your online journey  showing each step and stage.

And then it is back over to you, be gently warned, most people cannot resist our charm and charisma. Jokes aside, we are very clear our deep journey approach is not for everyone.  We encourage you after our call to reflect and decide in your own time and space.

Usually once we have been on this journey with clients, we become part of their remote trusted digital team.

Our clients are  seeking to be more authentic in their business and develop their business in a way that is aligned with their values and spirit.

Our clients are seeking more joy and fulfilment while healing old stories to becoming their authentic selves in their business and lives.








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